Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Official notice of cancellation

In case ther might be some confusion - still - we have officially cancelled this weekend's Antiracism "Conversations".
We had only four people registered, and with a team of four, it just didn't make sense to continue. It's certainly not due to a lack of notice.  Although, Ciciley received a call today from someone who claimed to have just heard. We announced it at two Deanery meetings, it was in FYI, and on the Diocesan Calendar. Plus Lynn told her Deanery about it.
So now we have to look ahead. How are we going to respond to the resolutions as a Diocese - the resolutions about slavery and how it influenced our congregations and Diocese. I am hopeful that Lynn will be able to get some people to our next Antiracism Ministry Team meeting in April so we can begin to plan.
Thank you all - Becky 
Rebecca A Alden
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