Friday, August 28, 2009

Practical Eco-Stewardship Starts with a Bang!

On August 27, Grace Church (Vineyard Haven) hosted a conversation with Daniel Goleman, author of Ecological Intelligence. This was the first event in our 2009-2010 deanery initiative in Practical Eco-Stewardship. Of the many in attendance at Grace, we were able to identify at least eight congregations from the people we knew. We aren't sure how many congregations, denominations, and faiths were represented in the audience as a whole.

The Very Rev Brian McGurk, Rev. Robert Hensley,
Dr. Fredrica Thompsett, Rev. Deborah Warner and author Dr. Daniel Goleman
From Practical Eco-Stewardship: Goleman

In addition to those present 'in the flesh', we were joined online by parish groups around the deanery and diocese as well as some folks in California and New York. One group that watched the webcast is involved with 'greening' Jewish children's camps. They have been reading Ecological Intelligence and were excited to have an opportunity to hear Dr. Goleman talk.

We were very excited that Episcopal Life Online reported on our event! You can read the story here.