Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day 7 at General Convention

Grace Church Lobster Rolls are being featured today on Rob's t-shirt. His evangelizing has resulted in a great conversation with a deputy from East Carolina whose parish does a lobster fund-raiser. People place orders for live lobsters, they ship them to the church and then deliver them to the parishioners. The deputy wants to have a t-shirt for this, and is examining lobster designs wherever she sees them. Helen brought over our St Barnabas Lobster on the Lawn t-shirt for her to see as well.

Deputations decorate their poles that show their diocese. We like the flamingo on this one. Maine has (what else...) a lobster. East Carolina has a lighthouse. Montana has a cowboy hat, lasso and cowboy boots. From our vantage point in the alternates area, we can see a cat-in-the-hat hat on some deputation's pole.

Below, you can see Lallie Lloyd's back in her azure jacket. That is as close as we can get to the deputation on the floor. We will send a camera in with them at some point to get a better picture of them.

And here are your faithful alternates: Karen Montagno, Helen Gordon, and Rob Hensley.