Thursday, September 04, 2008

Recent Video Conferencing...

On Sunday, August 31st, we met online with Rev. Jane Bearden, Church of the Redeemer (Biloxi MS) before she went to open a Red Cross Shelter before Hurricane Gustav hit the Gulf Coast. Jane met with people from St. Barnabas (Falmouth), St Andrew's (Edgartown), St David's (So. Yarmouth), and St Mary of the Harbor (Provincetown). Those of us in Massachusetts welcomed the opportunity to see and talk with Rev. Jane and we were able to convey the love, support, and prayers from our part of the country to Rev. Jane and the people in the the path of Hurricane Gustav.

Our online meeting room was in use again in early September when St David's (South Yarmouth) met with the Rector of St Patrick's in Long Beach, Mississippi. The two parishes are entering into a Partnership to help and support each other as St Patrick's rebuilds from Hurricane Katrina. Rev. David Knight of St Patrick's met with Rev. William Heuss and Sr. Warden Rob Parke of St David's to sign the agreement.

We are excited to welcome another Mississippi parish to our online meeting room!