Sunday, September 14, 2008

Next Assembly: Thursday, September 25 in Plymouth

Welcome back! Tourist season is winding down and Deanery activities are gearing up.
Upcoming Deanery Events:
Sept. 25: Deanery Assembly - Christ Church, Plymouth (Interactive webcast available)

Oct. 21: Pre-Convention Combined Deanery meeting - Grace Church, New Bedford (Interactive webcast available)

Parishes wanting to participate in either/both of the above via the online meeting room, please contact our Technical Liaison

Details for September 25th Assembly

Our next Assembly is Thursday, September 25th at Christ Church, Plymouth. Bishop Bud Cederholm will be with us, and we will also have a short report from the youth who participated on the Diocesan mission trip this summer.


6:00 pm working supper (brown bag) - discussion groups by topic.
(Youth, Environment, Affordable Housing/Homelessness, Aid to Africa)

6:45 pm Assembly Convenes - reports from discussion groups, standard
reports, and then Bishop Bud's program.

Bishop Bud is planning on leading a discussion on the two articles
listed below. We ask that you follow the links to them, print out each article, and READ both before our assembly.

**Parish Offices & Clergy**

Please check with your delegates this week and make hard copies of the articles and other handouts for those who do not have email.

1. Leadership that matters by Anthony B. Robinson (Christian Century, Dec. 15, 1999)
2. Dimensions of Pastoral Authority by Christina Braudaway-Bauman (Congregations, 2006)

Our Assembly will be available for you to attend 'virtually' via our online meeting room if you are unable to get to Plymouth in person. Please email deaneryweb [at] capeislandsdeanery [dot] org (email address 'spelled out' to avoid spam) if you plan on attending in a 'virtual' sense rather than physical!

For parishes wishing to attend via the online meeting room, please let us know which focus group you wish to participate in.