Monday, September 29, 2008

Liturgical Art Website

The visual arts are another way we express our spirituality.

The Episcopal Church and the Visual Arts (ECVA) is an association of visual artists whose mission to encourage artists, individuals, congregations, and scholars to engage the visual arts in the spiritual life of the church. ECVA values the significance of visual imagery in spiritual formation and the development of faith, and creates programs to support those who are engaged in using the visual arts in spiritual life.

Two artists from St Mary's Barnstable who are associated with ECVA, Barbara Hersey and Linda Hunter, have launched their redesigned website,'Now I See, liturgical art to enhance worship and understanding' ...The site features their liturgical artwork.

Barbara got started on banner making out of necessity at Saint Mary's Church, Barnstable as Church School Coordinator. She created the first two 6 foot banners to give the children a colorful backdrop for their annual Christmas pageant. She recieved amazing feedback from parishioners and she had an idea that she was onto something special. She then wanted to work with another artist to make the next set of banners. Barbara asked Linda Hunter, fellow parishioner and artist educator, if they could paint the next banners together. They talked while painting about spirituality, bible stories, color, texture, and all those things that go into the creative process. Twelve liturgical banners, fifty hours and a year later Saint Mary's had an incredible series and "Now I See" had a new mission and portfolio.