Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Convention News

On Saturday, March 10, diocesan delegates and clergy gathered in Boston at Boston University for a one day special convention focused on measuring our progress in attaining our diocesan mission goals. Our convention Eucharist sermon was given by Bishop Curry of North Carolina - a dynamic speaker - who gave new meanings to the Lent III (year C) lessons of Moses & the burning bush and the parable of the fig tree. Encourage your delegates to share with your parish the joy and inspiration we felt as we worshipped together and learned from each other. One important part of the day was the opportunity to talk with folks from other parishes about questions and avenues of approach to issues in our own parishes. These were broken into the four main themes of our diocesan mission: Inviting, Forming, Sending, Serving.

One of our sister parishes on the south shore has posted video snippets from Saturday. We encourage you to visit this link at St. Stephen's in Cohasset to get a sense of the convention.