Monday, June 12, 2006

General Convention - Monday

Dear Friends,

It is 10:00 PM, and I've just returned to my room. The day started with my first meeting with The Ecumenical Relations and Interreligious Concerns. The Co-Chair came over at the beginning of our session, and requested that I do the closing prayer. We had met before - in Brazil. Kate is from the Diocese of Indianapolis.

We met for about three hours. We have been assigned six resolutions. Hearings have been scheduled for the first four resolutions for tomorrow morning at 7:30.

I went through the Exhibit Hall for a little while after lunch. Ran into Bishops Gayle and Barbara Harris. Gayle saw my Cape Cod pin on my lapel, and said that she has spent so much time on the Cape lately that she should have one. So, of course, I took the pin off, and pinned it on her suit. (It's one of those old pins from Hy-Line, when I used to do tours of Cape Cod. It's time for it to belong to someone else for awhile.

I attended the hearing of the priorities of the Budget process after lunch. Speakers were permitted three minutes each to get their point across.

We had "Deputy Conversations' this afternoon. Both Frank Griswold and George Werner spoke before the were given three questions to answer in small groups. The room was very cold, and many of us were complaining.

Our Deputation met at 5:30 to discuss our day, and to bring each other up on legislation. Bishop Bud joined us. Bishop Shaw had to return to his committee since he is chair of World and National Affairs.

A group of us then went out to a Greek restaurant for supper. Took a deputy from Connecticut with us who also grew up in Ohio.

I recommend that you check out the General Convention coverage on the Episcopal News site. Bishop Griswold's comments this afternoon are posted, and news from Program, Budget, and Finance is also there. Their site is

That's it of today. Please keep us all in your prayers. - Becky Alden