Sunday, June 18, 2006

General Convention #2

Sorry, Folks - This machine is causing a few problems. So I hope that you got the first part.

To continue: When our new PB arrived, we all stood and cheered. The women bishops came in as a group and stood in front of the podium. Bishop Shaw said that when the results of the fifth ballot was announced, Barbara was crying with tears of joy. We did manage to get a few things done in the next forty-five minutes - including passing the resolution on the millennium Development Goals.

I also wanted to tell you about the celebrations we had yesterday. First there was the celebration for George Werner at five o'clock. It was nice. His whole family was present, and many wonderful things were said. But the best celebration was at eight o'clock when we celebrated Frank Griswold's ministry as PB. It started off with the announcement that they had tried to borrow equipment from "815", but it never arrived. So they were going to create the "slides". Using about ten actors, they gave a funny biography of Frank's life. It was very different, and I really enjoyed it. Next we had more serious testimonials, including a hymn led by three SSJE monks. Ian Douglas spoke. Bishop Tutu sent a congratulations via video. Next Phoebe Griswold was honored for her ministries - especially the building of houses after the earthquake in Honduras.

The last part was a skit that featured an actor playing Frank. A reporter was interviewing him for the last time. "Wasn't there something he always wanted to say? Now that he was leaving office, what would he like to tell?" You get the impression that Frank is going to say something profound, when the reporter's cell phone rings, and she is called out. Then this "bag lady" who has been hiding behind the trash can, calls to Frank. She says she is the Holy Spirit, and they have this funny but great conversation. Of course, when the reporter returns, she says that Frank didn't have anybody talking to her. It was a great skit, and I think everyone enjoyed it. Then we ended the evening with everyone singing and waving glo sticks. It was quite a site.

The Eucharist on both Saturday and today were wonderful! The music was especially terrific yesterday. We had a great choir and brass orchestra. Today's music was Dixeland style. Bishop Griswold presided at both services. He announced at the end of today's service that the musicians had arrived after midnight without their clothes or instruments. So they had to rent the instruments by ten o'clock on a Sunday morning, and make a trip to Walmart for clothes that were more appropriate for church.

So what a day it's been! One I won't forget for a long time, and I am so thankful that I was here.

I'll try to get another message out tomorrow. In the meantime, I suggest that you (the reader) look at the ENS (Episcopal News Service) site if you haven't before now. They have many articles. Also our Diocesan website will have another version.

Good night.