Sunday, June 11, 2006

Beginning and Arrival

Dear Friends,

I am here - in Columbus. I am registered. Have my large, economy-sized notebook that will be filled by the end Convention. I know where our Deputation will be sitting - next to the Diocese of Los Angelos. Plus I have my table assignment for the daily Eucharist and Bible Study. Our hotel is right across from the Convention Center - an enormous Convention Center! So all we have to do is cross the street and then walk miles to our meeting rooms.

The trip from the Cape was uneventful. Once again, Bishop Tom Shaw was on the same plane (as he was for the 2003 Convention). We sat across from each other on the plane, and he let me ride with him to the hotel (with his legislative aid - the Chaplain at MIT). However, the rooms weren't ready until two o'clock, so I had plenty of time to check things out across the street.

Tonight is my only free night, so I'm meeting an old friend. She and I haven't seen each other since 1962, when we both worked summer jobs on the Cape. We grew up in Lima, Ohio, went to Christ Church Episcopal, and reconnected just a few years ago. We have been in email contact since then, and just a few hours ago, we actually talked. She and I are meeting in a few minutes, so this is end of my news for today.

Becky Alden