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Online Meetings

Web Video Conferences

Through the use of our online meeting room, we can meet face-to-face over the internet. Join others from around the deanery, around the diocese, around the country, or around the world.

Each parish may have a technical team to be trained in protocols, guidelines for use, and technical details of using the meeting facility. After a parish has a trained team in place, they receive an account to create their own meetings.

There are specific guidelines to follow in using the meeting facility. If you are going to attend a meeting, please read our guidelines.

How-To contains basic instructions for guests attending meetings.

List of Currently Scheduled Meetings

When joining a meeting, you will be asked to enter your name. Please put in both a name and your parish!

Join a Meting screen

Meeting Setup Wizard: Use this wizard to make sure your computer is ready to join an online meeting. You can run this tool any time before your scheduled meeting. Things you will need:

  1. Check that you have the Adobe Flash Player plugin for your web browser.
    (This link will show you which version you have installed on your computer) Version 9.x is fine.
    If plugin is missing, Install Adobe Flash Player
  2. Ensure your computer is connected to the Internet the way it will be when you actually attend your meeting.
    Note: Using a WIRED connection is highly recommended as it is much faster and more reliable than wireless!
  3. Plug your camera and audio devices into your computer that you will use during the meeting.
    • Do not open the camera's software.
    • If you are using a camcorder as your webcam, connect it via firewire, turn it on and when the computer asks you what it should do, tell it 'do nothing.'
    • If using a Chat 50 or Chat 150, make sure it is plugged into your USB port and that its lights are blue.
    • If using a headset, make sure the mute switch is not on!
  4. Run the Meeting Setup Wizard.

Help Resource: Our vendor has created a wiki with detailed up-to-date technical documentation. This is a good resource for troubleshooting problems.

Parish Teams Log-In Page

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